Mungu is a remote little community about 10 kilometers west of Kafue, Zambia.  (Kafue is about 45 kilometers south of Lusaka, the capital city.) The community is organized by family groups into “villages” and most live the farming life, sustaining their families solely according to what they can harvest.

You will find most homes are built with a handmade mud-brick, either into rondavels, or a rectangular shape with thatch or metal roofs.  The family “village” is a cluster of homes such as these.  Some families have boreholes, or wells, but for the most part water is carried in.  Cooking is done outside or in a dedicated “hut” and children are the responsibility of the entire family.

Mungu is beautiful.  Rich with flat, farmable land and good soil, what grows is only limited by the farmer. The views are stunning, the sunsets spectacular, and the people are warm and welcoming.  Here, anything is possible, the potential is limitless.

Yet here, like many places experiencing 3rd world living, education, health and nutrition, and basic services are lacking.

We are already working to be a part of the solution for this community.  A church is in the construction phase and a resident pastor has been identified.  Pure Nard Preschool has opened, employs 7 staff members from the community, and educates 60 bubbly preschool students.  Families are being welcomed and we are beginning to make an impact.

The ICBC ministry is working to identify all the areas of need for this community and seeks to utilize the talents of local people to solve problems and bring about change.


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