Our Model

The ICBC model is multi-faceted.

A community is identified through prayer, many visits, and countless discussions.

Many factors come into play as a community is identified and projects begin.  We come to a community in 3 stages:IMG_1420

  • Relief
  • Rehabilitation
  • Development

You might be familiar with these terms if you are already involved in missions, if you need a refresher, Steve Corbett (author of When Helping Hurts) produced a short, 2 minute video explaining the difference.  Go here, VIDEO

During the first stage, relief, Pure Nard builds a church, a preschool or orphan home, and a pastor’s home.  A local pastor is identified and we begin developing relationships.  It is during this stage that food might be offered as an immediate solution to malnutrition, or a house built for a family living exposed to the elements.

As we move into the rehabilitation stage, we see more involvement at the community level.  Leaders are identified and begin to voice their concerns for the community.  Pure Nard aims to tap into local resources and use the talents of the people living right there in the community.  Teachers are trained and equipped to lead a preschool, income generation projects are started and training begins, and the local pastor begins reaching even deeper into the community to identify more specific needs.  The people, members of the community, are called to care for the programs and facilities of the ministry.

The goal for every community is development.  With God’s help we aim to see real and lasting change occur.  At this stage, it is like the “passing of the torch” as community leaders take ownership of the church, school, orphan home and income generating projects.  It is as this point that we, as a ministry, begin to exit and allow the community to engage its own people.  We shift focus into a new community.

Thanks to the financial commitment and faithfulness of Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio, we are committed to developing 3 ICBC projects in 3 separate communities in rural Zambia.

It is our dream that as the 3rd ICBC project is completed, the 3 ICBC’s can come together, pool resources, and begin a 4th ICBC free from donor income.

Follow us as we seek to follow God’s call with this vision.  Pray for us, stay informed and be witness to community transformation!



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