Teen Challenge Staff

Christopher Mabingo, Program Co-ordinator:  I am a Christian by faith with practical skills and knowledge in alcohol and drug us/misuse.  I have a heart for sharing the Gospel with others.  I have a passion for music and the producing and promoting of Gospel artists.

George Malwa, Staff Supervisor:  I have been working with Teen Challenge, Zambia for 3 years now and have seen the growth of this organization.  I am currently completing a Bible school program with the Global University.  My desire is that God’s word should be preached across the world.  I also want to help young people break free from drug and alcohol addictions.

Joe Chibanze, Student Supervisor:  As a graduate of Teen Challenge myself, I have a keen awareness of the struggles these young men face.  I have a heart for children and young people and have a vision for someday opening an orphanage to serve the most vulnerable.  My interests are singing and preaching and I enjoy playing soccer.

Gift Banda, Student Supervisor:  I believe that God has called me to be an evangelist.  I enjoy reading, studying, and even researching my Bible along with others.  I also enjoy playing chess and writing songs.

Daniel Musonda, Student Supervisor:  I love the Lord and I am called to be in full-time ministry.  I joined Teen Challenge, Zambia in 2012, but have had past experience working with Teen Challenge in Swaziland.  I completed a 3 year program in Bible college.  I believe God has called me to be here at Teen Challenge at this moment in time.

Trust Mwiinde, Maintenance and Project Management:  My hope is to assist with projects offered to the community.  I would like to see training in the community with village chickens, more advanced gardening skills, and business skills.  Mungu is my home and I commend this ministry for how it empowers the people in my community.

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