The Problem

Life in rural Zambia can be tough.  Being primarily agrarian, the people rely on consistent weather patterns, growing seasons, and pray for relief from crop pests.  This, compounded with a lack of clean water, education, health services and other components of basic infrastructure, can make the cycle of poverty nearly impossible to break.

IMG_4696Everything in communities like these are connected.  Children don’t attend school because families don’t have the funds to send them, or the children are needed in the fields for work, or family members are too sick to make school a reality.  Parents don’t care for their children because they are busy caring for crops to feed the family, or too sick to parent well.  Poor health and limited access to health care contribute to short life spans, often leaving children as orphaned and vulnerable.  Families suffer with the health consequences of poor nutrition, sometimes with alarming malnutrition, yet even with glorious farmland right underneath their feet, because of a lack of education and understanding, the diet remains void of even basic macro-nutrients.

Poverty is a vicious cycle, one that without intervention and change, will carry on for generations.

In rural Zambia, it is not unusual to find entire communities living at this level in remote areas with no access to what most of us would call “basic” services.

Pure Nard Ministries seeks out communities such as these where we can contribute, educate and bring the hope of the Gospel.  Pray with us as we continue to seek God on where He would have us go next, and watch, as communities in rural Zambia are transformed.


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