We view the church as the central to the work of the ICBC.  Going back to the analogy of a wheel, if education, nutrition, health, income generation, and vulnerable children’s care are spokes in the wheel, then the church would be the hub (the center).

The community development program of ICBC is an outreach ministry of the church.

We have identified a resident pastor for the ICBC ministry in Mungu.  Pastor Daniel Tembo has been leading the church in the small living room at the Teen Challenge center, and as of Sunday, March 8, 2015, he will be teaching and leading from the pulpit of the newly constructed church.

Welcome to Mungu Christian Life Community Church (CLCC).

Pastor Daniel has been developing relationships and serving his community by visiting homes and inviting families to participate.  He is community minded and has an eye for identifying needs in the community.

We are thankful for his service and view his role as pivotal in our ministry to the Mungu community.


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