Income Generation

IMG_4117Income generation has dual meaning around here at Pure Nard Ministries.  We are seeking ways to generate income at the individual, or family level as well as generate income for the entire ministry for the benefit of the programs in place.

As we implement ideas for income generation at the ministry level for the purpose of supporting a program (such as the preschool), our goal is to create a project that can be carried by the skills of community members who will in turn, lead the project.  It is an opportunity for us to teach practical skills along with skills in business and financial management.  We also hope that any project we do can be used as an opportunity to teach as we encourage individuals and families to implement similar projects for income at home.

Some ideas we are currently working on are:

  • Animal husbandry – goats, poultry, even fish!
  • Gardening/farming with diversity
  • Laying hens for eggs

A more significant source of income for the ministry at large, even across multiple ICBC projects is in the discussion phase with the leadership team at Pure Nard.  We have contemplated a few different ideas, but our hope is to establish a “Business as Missions” model within this first ICBC site at Mungu, to be used as a source of income for the entire ministry.  Our goal…. to sustain all the financial needs of the ministry apart from donor income.

One idea that has returned to us time and time again is to establish a retreat center.  Should we move forward with this plan, we would consider it an opportunity for training and teaching job skills as we aim to have it run and managed entirely by the Mungu community.

Won’t you pray with us as we consider ideas and implement them?


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