The Solution

In rural communities where it seems like everything is difficult, it is easy to pick a problem and run with it.  The challenge with focusing in only one area is that everything is interrelated.  How can we focus on orphan care if we don’t also look at health and illness prevention?  How can we look at issues of health without also addressing the need for better nutrition?

Like the spokes of a wheel, community well-being requires change in all areas.  Bit-by-bit we encourage, educate and implement in all areas of concern and over time, we see change across the entire community.

The ICBC (In Community, By Community) development plan aims to focus on several areas at once, expanding into new areas as the need arises and community leaders make their concerns known.

Through experience, we understand that communities in rural Zambia have some common needs, so we begin here… with these common problems, and work from this point, identifying specific areas of need at the local level.

The most common areas of concern that we address in every community are, pastoral care, education, orphan and vulnerable children’s care, nutrition, and income generation.

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