The ICBC project (In Community, By Community) is the bulk of the work of Pure Nard Ministry.  Think of it as an umbrella which covers the other ministries within the community.

Just as the name implies, the project is done “in community” and the work is done “by the community”.  At the most basic level, the goal of the ICBC is to identify and raise up community leadership who can inform and steer the direction of projects within the ICBC.

All ICBC projects include the following common aspects:

  • Identifying a resident pastor and building a pastor’s home
  • The construction of a church
  • The construction of a preschool and/or orphan home

From there, community development begins and more specific needs in the community are identified.  Income generating projects begin, training begins and change is realized.  As the community becomes more self sufficient, the Pure Nard Ministry staff begins to release responsibilities into the hands of the community.  The goal is to have ICBC projects completed within 3-5 years.

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