Progress to Date

March 2015

Mungu, ICBC site #1

Preschool – Construction is mostly complete.  The building is operational, but we are still working on paint, exterior plaster, installing a kitchen, and a handful of small projects such as finish work.  60 students are in attendance with a waiting list of 13.  The school employs 6 teachers and 1 staff member, all from the local Mungu community.

Church – The building is up and operational for Sunday services.  Interior/exterior plastering and painting is still needed.  We are in the process of pouring foundation for a small structure which will contain pit toilets and a kitchen for church use.  A resident pastor has been identified, Daniel Tembo.  He is already developing relationships in the community.  Pastor Daniel is also leading the work-for-food program, a relief project to meet an immediate need for better nutrition.  Participants help during this construction phase and receive food as payment.  Pastor Daniel is also seeking out those in the community who are unable, the elderly, sick, and disabled.

Pastor’s Home – The brick built structure has walls up and a roof.  We are entering into the next stage of construction with this building, the interior walls, plumbing, and electrical.

Visitor’s Cottages – In the final stages of construction, visitor’s cottages will be completed in the next few weeks.

Income Generation Projects – We are in the process of discerning viable projects for this area.  Won’t you pray with us as we consider how we can meet needs and generate income?

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